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Advanced IT Support at a fraction of the cost.

Advanced IT Support at a fraction of the cost.

See it as outsourced IT but allot cheaper!

The old way of getting IT Support was, you run into an issue call your IT Company they come out, they charge you per hour rate, they asses report back, do some repairs and boom you sit with a nice big bill.

This we call re-active support.

We prefer doing support pro-actively!

We charge you a small monthly fee for a Technician to do the following:

Come out to your premises or remotely visit your site every month to run a bunch of health checks on all your PC’s.

He will make sure all backups are done.

He will perform at least two Virus scans, one Malware and one Adware.

He will make sure that your PC’s are secured with an active Anti-Virus running.

He will blow out the PC’s and clean the screens with a special cleaning solution.

He will attend to any IT related problem you have for him on the day or after.

He will advise to any findings that he finds that may cause problems and plan with you to fix them going forward before any surprises pop up.

Included with this service is a few hours support for when you need some advice of run into a problem were that PC’s just does not want to turn on because your power supply packed up.

We have been supporting clients for more than four years with this model and our clients love it.

In short for a monthly fee you receive an IT Guru that checks your systems monthly and gets to know you and your business with a personal touch. This allows him to give you sound advice and to sort out problems fast. See this as having an IT guy always available when you need him most without worrying about the cost.

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