IT Maintenance


Maintenance Model

Our Maintenance model is an effective measure designed to keep your PC healthy, clean and secure.

Maintenance is performed once a month were a technician either visit’s the premises or remotely performs the maintenance.

Maintenance consists of checks, scans and cleaning of a computer.

The technician also blows out the computer box and cleans the screen or laptop every quarter of the year if location permits.

We also provide Free Support hours with our maintenance SLA’s



How it’s done

  1. Windows updates are checked.
  2. Antivirus Updates are checked.
  3. Backups for the week are checked.
  4. Space usage is checked.
  5. Hardware checks are done.
  6. Hard Drive’s are scanned for errors.
  7. Hard Drives are scanned for bad sectors.
  8. Windows Registry is cleaned.
  9. Windows cache and other files are cleaned.
  10. Malware scan performed.
  11. Adware scan performed. 


We can predict a Hard Drive failure when performing maintenance.

We protect your computer against Malware, Adware and cyber risks.

We make sure that your data is safe.

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